1. Membership

1.1 By becoming a Member the Member warrants and represents that:

1.1.1 the Member is at least 18 years of age;

1.1.2 the Member has not been convicted of any offence or been subject to any injunction or any order to pay damages under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (or under any statutory enactment replacing and/or amending such Act);

1.1.3 the Member will be using the Service for his/her personal use only.

1.2 We shall have the right in our absolute discretion to refuse to register applications for membership and to terminate memberships at any time.

1.3 An application for membership shall be treated as accepted by us when the Member receives confirmation of his/her membership from Pazintyslietuviams by e-mail.

2. Paid services

2.1 We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties.

2.2 The membership fees only apply if you upgrade to our Pazintys Lietuviams Premium Membership level.

2.3 Details of the current membership fees are displayed on the Pazintys Lietuviams website.

2.4 Pazintys Lietuviams offers you the opportunity to pay for certain services offered on the site. Pazintys Lietuviams premium services include various opportunities to find and meet people. All of these premium services can be purchased after you register, and you may subscribe to the premium services for various lengths of time. Once you have paid for any premium services, you have the right to cancel at any time. The pricing may vary due to a number of factors, such as (but not limited to) promotional offers and other discounts.

2.5 Paid for services are not available in sanctioned countries.

2.6 Once you have requested a Pazintys Lietuviams premium service, you authorise Pazintys Lietuviams to charge your chosen payment method. If you want to cancel or change your payment method at any time, you can do via the payment settings option. Your subscription to Pazintys Lietuviams premium services will automatically renew until you decide to cancel.

2.7 We reserve the right to expire any unused credits expire 6 months. If you delete your account or if your account is terminated by us due to breach of these Terms, you will lose any accumulated credits. If you receive free or promotional credits, we may expire them at any time. Credits are not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value from us unless we agree otherwise in writing.

2.8 The Premium Member is informed that under the United Kingdom Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 he/she enjoys a period of seven working days from the time he/she accepts the Services to exercise his or her right of withdrawal, without penalty and without the need to provide any reason. However, the right of withdrawal may no longer be exercised once the Member has accessed and utilised the Services.

2.9 Payments for Pazintyslietuviams services can be made by PayPal and by Debit/Credit card. If you require any information regarding payment contact us at payment@pazintyslietuviams.com and we will provide you with all the necessary information. You are prohibited to pay for the service if you disagree with any of the points stated above.

3. Restrictions

You shall agree not to use the web page for any illegal purposes including but not limited to any uploading of any content into the web page, any publication, communication, downloading, storage, recovery and /or dissemination of any content that would:

3.1.1 violate any copyrights, trademarks or patents,

3.1.2 constitute a business Secret or other privileged information,

3.1.3 be offensive or injurious in respect of any persons,

3.1.4 violate the right of any person to privacy or the publicity rights,

3.1.5 threaten to incur damage to persons or property or otherwise interfere with any person and (or)

3.1.6 violate any other laws of the Republic of Lithuania and international agreements.

4. Forbidden content

You shall be prohibited to keep, publish, communicate, download, distribute or transfer any content that is offensive, defamatory, indecent, pornographic, blasphemous, threatening, injurious, indecent o illegal as well as any other content, that could be interpreted as a crime or wool induce a behavior that may be possibly interpreted as a crime or incurring any other legal liability. Samples of illegal contents include but are not limited to direct threatening, harassment, pornography and any material protected by copyrights, trade mark and the use of any other private material without an appropriate permission. The forbidden content shall also include but be not limited to:

4.1.1 programs containing viruses and / or any other measures infringing the safety of this web page or any other web pages,

4.1.2 requests or advertising,

4.1.3 proposals or promoting of illegal activity,

4.1.4 any private information about any person such as telephone numbers, addresses, personal codes and any other private information, and

4.1.5 double publication or mass communication of any information and pornography material, any publication, transmission, downloading, storage or distribution of any offensive content shall be strictly prohibited when the managers of the web page so decide at their own discretion.

5. Restrictions of the use of the content

This web page is a property of Pazintyslietuviams (referred here as "Pazintyslietuviams", "we", "us" or "our") and is managed thereby. No content of this content may not in any way be reproduced, repeatedly released, downloaded, published, communicated or distributed. Any modification of the content or the use of the content for any other purposes shall constitute a violation of the copyright and other private rights. All trade marks, service marks and trade names presented in this web page is the property of Pazintyslietuviams or used by Pazintyslietuviams under appropriate permission.

6. The right to remove and destroy the material

Pazintyslietuviams reserves the right to remove or destroy any content from the web page or destroy any content thereof that violate the present Terms. You hereby agree that Pazintyslietuviams shall bear no responsibility for the verification, control, editing and / or monitoring of any content posted, revised, communicated, reproduced and / or distributed in the present web page.

7. Ownership and the right to use the content

You hereby represent and assure that you a sole owner of all the right in respect of the content published by you (including all the related copyright) or, that are a holder of the unconditional right and the licence in respect of the content, as provided for in this paragraph. Although the copyright in respect of the content published by you will be retained by you, you do agree that the entire content published by you become part of the Pazintyslietuviams data base, the content is stored and used for an unlimited period of time and that Pazintyslietuviams becomes the owner of the data base and the owner of the copyrights in respect of the works derived from the content. Furthermore, you shall agree to the waiving of all rights in respect of the content, including the moral, privacy and publicity rights. Neither Pazintyslietuviams, nor any third party using the content in accordance with this paragraph shall be under any obligation to pay to you any copyright royalty or any other remuneration for the use of the content.

8. Indemnity

You hereby shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless and protect Pazintyslietuviams, its employees, licensors, licensees and successors of the rights (jointly – "the protected parties") from all and any claims, indemnifications, loss, costs or liability (including the reasonable legal costs and litigation fess) arising from or related to the infringement of the present Terms from your part or from the part of any person acting under your instructions, order or control, including, but not limited to the release, distribution, reproduction or other use of the content published by you or by any other person using your password.

9. Waiver

You for an unlimited period of time waive and waive your rights and those of your adult offsprings, successors and inheritors to bring action against Pazintyslietuviams and any other protected parties in respect of any damage or loss, allegedly arising from the release or the use of the content presented by you, including, but not limited to any damage or injury that you may incur by reviewing, downloading or uploading the content of this web page. You do agree to waive any and all claims that you have or may have in respect of Pazintyslietuviams arising from the use or the continued use of this web page irrespective of whether or not you have been aware of them, and waive the right to refer to that part and the privileges granted thereby, also similar statutes, regulations and orders.

10. Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to gross negligence, Pazintyslietuviams shall be no responsible for the special, auxiliary, indirect, criminal and consequential loss or indemnity for such loss, arising from the use or the impossibility to use this web page, any content of the web page, services, functions, products and /or any related software, even though Pazintyslietuviams or its authorised representative have been warned of a possibility of such claim for damage. The applicable law may not grant the limitation of or exemption from any liability or any indemnification of any consequential damage, therefore the limitation or exemption referred to above shall not apply to you.

11. Termination

Pazintyslietuviams reserves the right to terminate your access to this web page for the violation of the present Terms, rules or the laws, or where so decided by Pazintyslietuviams for other reasons, without a warning, without any reason and with no subsequent liability. You acknowledge that your reliance on the continuity of the service is ungrounded since Pazintyslietuviams has a right to terminate the provision of the service or your membership at any time without a warning, without any reason and with no liability. In the event Pazintyslietuviams terminates the existence of this web page you acknowledge and agree that Pazintyslietuviams at its own discretion may decide the way to remove all the content and the information in any possible way. In case of the termination of the provision or the use of the service by any of the party you shall be obliged to destroy all the material and the content obtained by you from this web page.

12. Amendments

Pazintyslietuviams reserves the right from time to time amend, modify, supplement or remove any terms of the web page at any time without a prior warning, and your continued use of the web page shall mean your consent to such amendments, modifications, supplements or removals. Where you believe that the amendments of the Terms are not acceptable to you, you shall agree to cease to use the present web page.

13. General part

You agree that the terms of the use of the present web page and the present Registration Terms and any disputes related thereto and any content related to this web page are regulated and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. You agree that we, our inheritors and successors may exercise the present Terms to your disadvantage or to the disadvantage of your inheritors, minor offprings and successors. You agree that the invalidation or the unenforceability of any of the provision of the present Terms shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms of the use of the web page and they will remain valid and enforceable. The Terms and all annexes thereto published in Pazintys shall not be amended except as provided above. No waiver by any of the parties, whether explicit or implicit of any part of the Terms or the annexes thereto published by Pazintyslietuviams or any violation of such waiver shall not mean a continued waiver of that part or any waiver of the part of the Terms.

14. References

All references to "us", "our" and "Pazintyslietuviams" in the present Terms and regulations are the references to Pazintyslietuviams and its principal and subsidiary subjects. All references to "You", "Your" and "User" in the present Terms are references to the User who agree to the terms of the present Terms and regulations by clicking on "Next" button on the previous page.

15. Liability

The administrators of the web page shall bear no responsibility for errors and interference of operators of mobile communications.

16. Fraud Prevencion

16.1. Members must not include in their Member Profile any telephone numbers, street addresses, e-mail addresses or any other information that would enable other Members and/or any person to contact Members outside the Website.

16.2 The Member shall ensure that all information transmitted and/or published on the Website by him/her from time to time is accurate, true, complete and is not misleading and will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it remains so.

16.3 We always check whether the page is not circumvented the site conditions. Always react to website users reports, check the suspicious profiles, and perform other actions to ensure the prevention of fraud. Forum is always monitored on misleading information, especially links that could mislead or harm the site's visitors. We reserve the right to amend and/or delete all or any part of a Member's Profile.

17. Contact Us

Questions and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcomed and should sent to pagalba@pazintyslietuviams.com